FAQ About what you should do if you are arrested or charged.

Do I get a phone call?

You have the right to telephone a friend or relative, or a legal representative.

Do I get a lawyer appointed to me?

Unlike the US, you do not automatically have the choice to have the government simply provide you with legal representation. If you do not have your own lawyer, or you feel you cannot afford a lawyer, you will need to make an application though legal aid. There are certain criteria you would need to meet.

Do I have to say anything to police?

You have the right to remain silent, it is a good idea to speak to a criminal lawyer, before making any statements or comments to police. Regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty, you should consider speaking to a legal representative first, you do not want to say something, which may get construed the wrong way and could be detrimental to your matter.

Do I have to do what police tell me?

You should ensure that you comply with the instructions and directions of police. It can be an offence to obstruct police from doing their job.

What will a lawyer do for me?

Your lawyer can find out from police what charges have; or are going to be, laid against you. They can also discuss with police what evidence the police will be relying on. A lawyer may also discuss and negotiate with police about the charges, there may possibly be a lesser charge available. Importantly, your lawyer will be able to discuss with you the best course of action and a defence strategy to ensure the best outcome.

How much will the lawyer cost me?

This is an extremely difficult question, almost every matter is different and can require different actions. Nobody knows what action the police and prosecution may take, the evidence may be strong or weak, witnesses differ in each case.

At Eyschen Law, we can discuss with you; after hearing your situation, what the likely costs will be for your matter. We aim to settle matters as fast as possible, giving you the best outcome for as little cost as possible.

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